Prescription Refills

It is important to carefully assess psychiatric medication treatment in face-to-face sessions.  You will generally be given a follow-up appointment and enough medication refills to last until that appointment.  Should you require a refill prior to that time, it is your responsibility to inform our office before your medication runs out.  Please carefully monitor the amount of remaining medication you have, to avoid a crisis situation.  Unless previously arranged, telephone refills will typically be limited to the amount of medication needed to last until the next appointment, which will be scheduled to occur as soon as possible.  Once you have arrived at a stable and effective medication regimen, I ask that you come to the office at a minimum interval of every four months, for ongoing clinical monitoring.  However, Federal regulations dictate that prescriptions for narcotics, stimulants, and other controlled substances may only be written for a one-month supply of medication.  Please note that controlled substances require a written prescription, and cannot be phoned in to a pharmacy. It is particularly important that you carefully monitor your supply of such medications, as written prescriptions will not be available on weekends or times I am on vacation. Please make every effort to come to your appointments with knowledge of your remaining number of pills and refills. I can use our time together more effectively if you bring a written list to each appointment summarizing this information.