I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and have lived and worked in many parts of the country during my medical and psychiatric training.  I have been very fortunate to attend top-ranked institutions throughout my training, including Berkeley as an undergraduate, the University of California at San Francisco for medical school, Stanford for psychiatric residency, Dartmouth for a fellowship, and three years as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia.  I was a biochemistry major at Berkeley, and have continued to educate myself in the fields of organic and medicinal chemistry over the years, which I believe gives me a broader understanding of psychopharmacology and brain chemistry than many practitioners.  I moved to Salt Lake City in 1996 to pursue my passion for skiing and mountaineering, and I remain an avid backcountry skier with a deep appreciation for our beautiful Wasatch mountains.  I live in the Avenues with my wife and teenage daughter, and have a son in college.

Education and training


University Of California,  San Francisco                                    1980-1984

INTERNSHIP in medicine and psychiatry

Stanford University Medical Center                                                 1985-1986

psychiatry RESIDENCY

Stanford University Department Of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences                                                                                                  1986-1990

FELLOWSHIP in consultation-LIAISON psychiatry and medical ethics

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center                                         1990-1992


Assistant Professor of Psychiatric Medicine and Director of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry  

University Of Virginia Medical Center                                         1992-1995

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry

University of Utah Department of Psychiatry                                                                                       1996-2012