RETAINING PARTY: The retaining party in this agreement is specifically the attorney, law firm, government agency or private corporation that is retaining the forensic psychiatric services of Michael Kligman, M.D. The retaining party is specifically neither the plaintiff nor the defendant (nor the defendant’s insurer) in the underlying civil lawsuit, nor the defendant in a criminal matter.


CONDITIONS OF ENGAGMENT: The retaining attorney will seek to obtain and make available for review by Dr. Kligman all records that reasonably pertain to the case, as well as any additional records requested by the doctor for review. The retaining party is responsible for all payments to Dr. Kligman as outlined in this agreement, regardless of any arrangements that may exist with other parties in the matter.


FEES AND EXPENSES: The undersigned client shall be billed for all time spent working on the case at the rate of $450 per hour, including record review, telephone and/or office consultation, interviews, psychological test administration, scoring and analysis, report writing and travel. Time spent giving depositions and testifying in court will be billed at a rate of $500 per hour.  Time will be billed in quarter hour increments; fees are due upon receipt of monthly billing statements. Advance payment of a $2,000 retainer fee is required before commencement of any consultative work on the case. 

Signature below indicates full agreement with all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Please retain one copy and return one signed original copy and a retainer fee to the office address.



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